We specialize in assisting organizations with building capacity to be successful in the future.

  • Our services include:
    • Board development including Policy Governance® implementation
    • Organizational restructuring
    • Visioning and Ends policy development
    • Executive searches, mentoring, and coaching
    • Project management and evaluation
    • Innovation design, planning, and evaluation
    • Open education and learning management system implementation
    • Business process design and management
    • Facilitation of collective bargaining and personnel-related issues
    • Comprehensive data management solutions: customized data models, systems integration, and professional development


Dr. Daniel M. French, Senior Partner and Founder

dmfrench.org is one of Vermont’s premier boutique consulting firms specializing in serving educational and non-profit organizations.  Our unsurpassed technical experience and creativity has enabled us to meet the needs of dynamic organizations since 2003.

Our focus is on the future.  We leverage our extensive practical experience and network of professional expertise to help you design a path forward whether that path needs to guide you through the week, the month, or years into the future.

Our focus is on people.  We understand organizations from a growth perspective.  We are dedicated to ensuring your deeply held organizational values remain relevant so they can inform the structure of your organization as it evolves to meet the future needs of your clients and customers.


Presentation at MIT for LibreLibLab.org , October 8, 2016

I look forward to presenting at conferences with open source themes. My experience with Linux and open source software has greatly influenced my thinking as an educational leader. In education, “Open” refers to the larger historical narrative pertaining to enabling all people to become educated as a human right. This narrative begins with the idea …

Some Thoughts on Personalization vs. Customization

I draw the distinction between personalized learning which is a function of a student’s aspirations and customized learning which is an extension of differentiation, or finding ways to make a standardized curriculum more digestible to the individual learner. Personalization is more consistent with Progressive educational ideals which place the student at the center of the …

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